Montblanc Summit 2+ SmartWatch Charger

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USB charger for Montblanc Summit 2+ smartwatch.

Tirelessly looking for a compatible charger for your Montblanc Summit 2+ (Plus) Smartwatch, only to come up empty-handed? I may have your solution.

USA SALES ONLY – Price includes ground shipping!

Get a custom Montblanc Summit 2+ (Plus) USB Smartwatch charger, available directly and from us exclusively in the USA.

Non-OEM and expertly adapted for secure, reliable charging. 

Drawing upon three and a half decades of IT expertise, I have meticulously adapted and reconfigured an existing charger from the open market to integrate only with the Montblanc Summit 2+ (Plus) Series Smart Watch.

I use this exact custom charger on my own personal Montblanc Summit 2+ (Plus) Smartwatch whenever it requires charging and I have done so for over a year.

Every charger is tested before shipping on my personal Montblanc 2+ watch.

Item comes bulk packaged in a bubble bag


Here are 3 eBay feedbacks on the charger: Feel free to check them out.

1. Worked as described. Compatable Montblanc Summit 2+ (Plus) SmartWatch Charger. Custom Non-OEM. (#285745180666)

2. I was a little skeptical that it would work, but it did. It came with extra instructions to get it to work. I’m extremely happy. (#285870864498)

3. The Montblanc Summit 2 + charger worked flawlessly along with the watch!!!! Amazing seller, exceptionally talented to sell a working charger not even supported or offered by the dealership!!! Thank you! (#285881665349)

Please note: If you can’t read or follow English directions/instructions, or are not willing to learn how to properly attach this charger to your 2+ watch. Do not buy it! Thank you!

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