A Guide to Choosing a Professional Computer Equipment Recycler

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Asset Recovery Services: Your Trusted Partner for Professional IT and Electronics Recycling Services for 35 Years!

In today’s fast-paced digital world, technology is constantly evolving. Companies, schools, and government agencies are constantly upgrading their computer systems and electronic devices to keep up with the latest innovations. However, this rapid turnover of technology can lead to a growing problem: electronic waste, or e-waste. To combat this issue and promote a more sustainable future, many organizations are turning to professional IT and electronics recycling services. One company leading the charge in this essential industry is Asset Recovery Services.

The Growing E-Waste Challenge

As technology continues to advance, the lifespan of electronic devices becomes shorter. This results in a massive influx of discarded electronics, contributing to environmental degradation and posing significant health risks if not handled properly. To address this growing concern, professional recycling services are essential. Asset Recovery Services specializes in offering environmentally responsible solutions to recycle IT equipment and electronics efficiently.

What Sets Asset Recovery Services Apart?

  1. Comprehensive Services

Asset Recovery Services offers a comprehensive range of recycling services tailored to the unique needs of businesses, schools, and government agencies. Whether you need to recycle old computers, servers, monitors, printers, or any other electronic equipment, they have you covered. Their expertise extends to handling electronic waste of all sizes and types.

  1. Data Security

Protecting sensitive data is paramount in today’s digital age. Asset Recovery Services understands the importance of data security and provides certified Data Destruction Services to ensure that no valuable or confidential information falls into the wrong hands. Their data wiping and shredding processes adhere to industry standards, offering clients peace of mind.

  1. Environmental Responsibility

Asset Recovery Services is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of electronic waste. They follow strict recycling and disposal procedures that adhere to environmental regulations. By choosing Asset Recovery Services, you can be confident that your electronics will be disposed of responsibly, reducing harm to the planet.

  1. Compliance Expertise

Government agencies and educational institutions often face specific compliance requirements when it comes to disposing of electronic equipment. Asset Recovery Services understands these unique challenges and can assist in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. They ensure that your organization remains compliant while responsibly managing e-waste.

  1. Asset Recovery

In addition to recycling services, Asset Recovery Services offers pick up, auditing, inventory and compliance paperwork for recycled e-waste, IT and electronic equipment. This is welcome for tax and state regulation purposes.

The Process

Working with Asset Recovery Services is a straightforward process:

  1. Contact: Reach out to Asset Recovery Services to discuss your organization’s needs and schedule a pickup of you e-waste, retired IT assets and other computer equipment recycling needs.
  2. Collection: Asset Recovery Services will collect your electronic equipment, securely transport it to our facility, and audit and inventory all items received.
  3. Data Security: If required, Asset Recovery Services will perform certified data destruction, ensuring no sensitive information remains on the equipment.
  4. Recycling: The recycling process begins where components and materials are responsibly processed, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.
  5. Reporting: Asset Recovery Services provides detailed reports, certificates of destruction, and certificates of recycling for your records.
  6. Environmental Responsibility: We follow strict guidelines for environmentally responsible disposal and recycling, ensuring compliance with all regulations.


As technology continues to advance, the importance of responsible IT and electronics recycling cannot be overstated. Asset Recovery Services stands as a beacon of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the field. By partnering with us, your organization can contribute to a greener future while ensuring the secure and compliant disposal of electronic waste. Say goodbye to e-waste worries and hello to a cleaner, more sustainable future with Asset Recovery Services.

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